As we are going to be halfway into the academic year of 2021-2022, we are celebrating the 20th year of our association. We are proud to maintain our cooperation and exchange of information in the field of veterinary pathology for many years by organizing ten congresses, one of which was online, and many other meetings. During this period, many of our young colleagues who received or completed their training in the field of veterinary pathology joined our association, and some of our distinguished professors and colleagues who were members of the association also retired. We think that our profession will be further strengthened by bringing together the experiences of our esteemed retired senior members with the energy of youth within our association.

Summary information about veterinary pathology training/courses applied in European Union countries was sent to you by our association and your opinions were requested on how veterinary pathology training/courses should be in our country. A common view was formed in the veterinary pathology education practiced in our country, and although the relevant recommendations were conveyed to the relevant units, the expectations could not be met for various reasons. In this regard, it is necessary to determine new targets and develop strategies.

Our association’s website at  has been renewed. The website has been reorganized to make it easier to keep up with our association’s activities and current news in the field of veterinary pathology, as well as to share and discuss scientific/professional information. We intend to constantly update the website for your active users. Please do not hesitate to send all kinds of suggestions and opinions about our new website to

                                                                                  Prof. Dr. Murat YARIM
Chair of the Veterinary Pathology Association