This directive has been prepared to determine the principles to be followed before, during and after the National and International Veterinary Pathology Congress.
  2. SCOPE
    The scope of this directive is to bid by the university that will organize the National and International Veterinary Pathology Congress, to establish the organs that will carry out the studies, to determine the working methods and scientific and social activities within the scope of the congress. In all regulations, it is essential to comply with the scientific and ethical rules determined by the Veterinary Pathology Association. For subjects not included in this directive, the “National and International Veterinary Pathology Congress Organization Agreement” will be taken into consideration.
  3. BASIS
    The principles in this directive have been arranged in accordance with the Regulation of the Veterinary Pathology Association.
    The descriptions and abbreviations used in this directive are as follows; VPA: Veterinary Pathology Association, VETPAT: National and International Veterinary Pathology Congress, COU: Congress Organizing University, COC: Congress Organizing Committee (Organization Committee), COMPANY: Contractor company that is entitled to organize the congress.



  1. The Chairman of the VPA and the Chairman of the COC serve as the chairman of the congress.
  2. They are responsible for the proper realization of all activities.
  3. They manage all the planning and preparation stages of the Congress.
  4. They are responsible for the successful planning and realization of the congress and informing the VPA at every stage of the organization of the congress by getting information from the vice president and the congress secretary, in accordance with their responsibilities, and the head of the scientific committee about the scientific program.
  5. They determine the awarding juries for poster and oral presentations. However, the award of the selected candidate is given by the Chairman of the VPA.


Congress Secretary

  1. The COC Secretary acts as the congress secretary.
  2. All correspondence related to the congress is carried out under the supervision of the congress secretary. In order to facilitate this coordination, s/he attends Congress Scientific Committee meetings.
  3. From the bidding stage and until the congress, s/he creates the program of the pre-congress preparations with the company and checks whether the company’s obligations are fulfilled during the congress preparation stage.
  4. S/he supervises the arrangement of the exhibition areas.
  5. S/he manages activities related to sponsor companies.
  6. S/he supervises the preparation of printed and visual materials.
  7. S/he supervises the order and organization of meeting rooms.
  8. S/he controls the distribution of the meetin halls according to the scientific topics in line with the scientific program foreseen by the Scientific Committee Coordinator.
  9. S/he is responsible for the preparation and interpretation of participant feedback forms.


Congress Treasurer

  1. The VPA treasurer acts as the congress treasurer.
  2. S/he manages the entire financial portrait of Congress.
  3. S/he supervises, updates and submits the technical specifications to be used for the Congress to the COC and VPA.
  4. In the case there is a contractor company, s/he supervises the service delivery of the COMPANY during the congress in accordance with the rules of the specification.
  5. S/he controls the compliance of the expenditures with the tender specifications.
  6. S/he supervises the timely and appropriate realization of company and participant payments.


Congress Scientific Coordinator

  1. S/he is responsible to the President of the Congress and the Congress Organizing Committee in its actions related to the Congress.
  2. S/he is selected by the COC and VPA, taking into account his/her scientific background. The previous year’s vice scientific committee coordinator acts as scientific committee coordinator in the following year.
  3. Congress Scientific Coordinator must be from outside the COC.
  4. The Scientific Coordinatorship can only be done once.
  5. S/he is responsible from congress scientific program. S/he prepares the draft scientific program together with the members of the scientific committee and finalize it together with the COC. S/he implements the program approved by the COC.
  6. S/he establishes the Selection Committees and submits them to the approval of the COC and VPA.
  7. S/he organizes poster and oral presentation awarding activities.

Congress Organizing Committee

  1. This committee is determined by COU.
  2. It is chaired by a faculty member selected from the COU’s Pathology Department and the Head of the VPA.
  3. COC Presidents are elected by the VPA and COU at least 11 (eleven) months before the congress date.
  4. Its members consist of faculty members and staff from the COU’s Pathology Department; the scientific coordinator of the congress; a VPA official/board member who coordinates with the VPA, and scientific committee members.
  5. It convenes at least three times during the year in which the congress will take place.
  6. It establishes the relevant committees.
  7. It is responsible for the social program.
  8. If deemed appropriate, an honorary committee can be added.

Congress Scientific Committee

  1. This board consists of members with at least a doctorate title.
  2. The scientific committee can be formed nationally and internationally, taking into account the form of the congress.
  3. The Scientific Coordinator is selected by the COC at least 9 (nine) months in advance.
  4. The Scientific Committee is elected by the VPA and the COC.
  5. The Committee is responsible for ensuring that the congress is at a sufficient scientific level by choosing the scientific and educational studies and increasing the interest and participation in the oral presentations.
  6. The Committee is responsible for the selection of posters and oral presentations to be presented at the congress.


7.1. Selection of the congress venue:

Each year, at the last session of the congress, the Chairman of the VPA presents the candidates for the next year and ensures the election of the next year’s COU by majority. The university that will undertake the congress can use its economic enterprise, in consultation with the VPA, or choose a suitable authorized tourism agency and make a contract with it. In this case, however, COU should be in direct communication with the treasurer of the VPA.

7.2. Selection of the congress organization company:

If it is decided to conclude a contract with an agency, COU agrees and signs a contract with the designated agency with the approval of the VPA.

7.3. Selection of invited speakers:

Speakers and topics are determined by the COC, taking into account the draft prepared by the Congress Scientific Committee. The call for speakers was made by the Chairman of the congress.

7.3. Congress date, language, name and crediting:

The name of the congress, which is held every two years in partnership with the VPA, is ‘VETPAT’.

VETPAT is organized for at least three full days each year. The congress date does not conflict with the international meeting dates on veterinary pathology. Congress language is Turkish and/or English. If the online system is used, the language of the system will be English. The scientific program and the social program enter into force after the approval of the VPA.

Decisions regarding the crediting of the activities to be carried out within the scope of the congress, business and transactions will be made in accordance with the procedures and principles to be determined by the VPA.

7.4. Congress participation and accommodation fees:

The congress participation fees are determined by the COC at the beginning of the year in which the congress is held. The onsite registration fee will be the highest, if there will be the case. Participation fees for VPA members and students are determined to be lower than other participants.


The VPA board of directors makes changes and additions to the National and International Veterinary Pathology Congress Regulation Directive. The provisions of this directive come into force after being approved by the VPA board of directors.



    1. SUBJECT:

    The subject of this agreement is the organization of the …th National and/or ….th International Veterinary Pathology Congress (VETPAT), which will be jointly organized by the Veterinary Pathology Association (VPA) and the ……… University (Relevant Department or Economic Enterprise) in the year of ……. which includes;

    1.1. Pre-congress preparation,

    1.2. Performing the operation during the congress,

    1.3. Arrangements regarding the closing of accounts after the congress.


    The right owner of the above mentioned congress is VPA. …….. University (Department) will carry out the economic obligations regarding the organization and realization of the said congress on behalf of the VPA.

    The name of the Congress Organizing Committee, which includes the Chairman of the VPA and a VPA official/board member who coordinates with the VPA, will be referred to as COC from now on. The Organizing University of the Congress will be briefly referred to as COU.

    Work to be done: … VETPAT Congress’

    1. a) Preliminary preparation,
    2. b) Operation,
    3. c) All of the account closing activities.

    This work will be referred as the “organization” from now on.






    5.1. Congress Communications and Congress Bureau:

    Starting from the date of signing and entering into force of this agreement;

    – A fax, a photocopy device, 2 telephone numbers (congress secretary) and an e-mail address that will provide continuous service will be determined to serve the congress at a place deemed appropriate by COU.

    – Computer, electronic printer, all necessary stationery and secretarial services will be provided by COU.

    – COU will also provide the necessary reinforcement specified by the COC and will unconditionally meet the meeting, telephone, fax and mail requests related to the subject.

    – COC will be in constant contact with COU and VPA and will provide information about the ongoing work.

    5.2. Creation of Congress WEB Page:

    – COU will prepare and open the Congress Web page for electronic communication at least 6 (six) months before the congress date.

    – A link will be created with this web page to the existing web page of VPA.

    – This site, which contains constantly updated information and forms for the congress, will also be accessible from the VPA website.

    – All congress registration, accommodation and abstract forms will be filled online and the organization will be organized in such a way that they can reach the central registration system instantly.

    – Congress papers will be accepted online and the evaluations will be made online by the referees to be determined by the organizing committee.

    – The COC will designate a responsible person for this web page and notify the VPA. This person will meet the requests of the organizing committee of the VPA and COC regarding the web pages.

    – All kinds of information about the congress will be backed up online on a daily basis.

    – At the end of the congress, participant certificates will be sent online.

    – All expenses for the congress web page will be covered from the congress budget.

    5.3. Communication:

    – All kinds of communication between the parties will be carried out at the maximum level in written form or via e-mail.

    – The special correspondence, communication and mailing processes of the congress regarding the delegates and other institutions will be handled by the COC.

    – While making each announcement for the Congress, COC will also send reminders to the e-mail list of the members of the Turkish Veterinary Medical Association, Chambers of Veterinarians, Veterinary Faculties, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and VPA members. The list will be provided by the VPA. In addition, announcements will be made on the international and/or national online platforms.

    -COC cannot use the information provided by VPA during the congress for any purpose other than for congress organization, and cannot transfer it to anyone else.

    5.4. Congress Announcements, Printed Materials:

    – The printed materials related to the congress and their contents will be prepared by the COC, after the approval of the VPA.

    – Materials to be printed can be as follows; first, second and, if necessary, third announcements, congress banners and posters, name badges, participation certificates for participants, invitations for activities during the congress, congress decorations with the name and logo of the congress, congress program books and brochures, abstract book containing congress papers, proceedings book, etc. The number of these materials will be determined by the COC and approved by the VPA. Only the materials deemed necessary will be printed.

    – The logos of VPA and COU will be placed in the same size and shape on congress announcements, printed materials and all online materials.

    – All the design and preparations of these printed materials, including color separation before printing, will be carried out by the COC in coordination with the VPA.

    – The expenditures to be made during the printing phase will be submitted to the approval of the VPA and COC, and if a consensus is reached, the printing process will be carried out.

    – Printed material expenses will be covered from the congress budget, but if possible, COC or VPA will find sponsors for these expenses.

    5.5. Congress Bag and Other Distribution Material:

    – Congress bags will be prepared only if there is a sponsor. Congress budget cannot be used for congress bag. (It can only be prepared when mutually agreed.)

    – Distribution materials such as all introductory materials to be created for the congress and its events, and all kinds of gifts, notebooks, etc. to be prepared for the participants. The congress budget cannot be used for these expenses, and only if a sponsor is found, the preparation of the said materials is approved. (It can only be prepared when mutually agreed.)

    – The logos of VPA and COU will be placed on the congress bag and other distribution materials in equal size and shape.

    – All the design of the materials and all their preparations including color separation before printing, will be carried out by the COC in coordination with the VPA.

    5.6. Scientific and Social Program:

    – All kinds of scientific and social programs within the congress process will be prepared by COC and approved by VPA and COU.

    – Until the scientific program takes its final form, all planning and responsibility belong to COC and VPA. COC will determine a timetable for studies and printing works on this subject.

    5.7. Official Permissions and Contacts:

    – Permissions and contacts from official institutions will be made by COU and, if necessary, by VPA, and will be carried out by COC.

    5.8. Announcements (banners and posters):

    – 2 or 3 announcements will be made to the participants in line with the decision of the COC regarding the congress. It is essential that announcements are made online.

    – Congress banners and posters can be sent to cities and institutions deemed appropriate by COC and VPA.

    5.9. Domestic and International Promotion of the Congress:

    – The printed and/or online materials deemed necessary by the COC and VPA will be distributed at national and international congresses, and the congress will be promoted.

    – Expenses related to the promotion will be covered from the congress budget with the approval of the VPA. 

    5.10. Invited Guests:

    – The transportation and hosting organizations of the guests who will be invited by COC and VPA from Turkey or abroad will be made by COC.

    – The air ticket costs of the guests approved by VPA will be covered from the congress budget.

    – If a sponsor firm is found by the COC to cover the expenses of the invited speakers, the company will make the collection from this institution and the procedures will be followed by the COC.

    – Airport-hotel-airport transfers of all invited foreign guests will be organized by COC and will be covered from the congress budget.

    – Invited guests can be invited and participate in the congress online.

    5.11. Invited Guest Designation Authority:

    – During the congress, the invitees will be determined for participation in the scientific or social program of the congress and the authority to invite belongs to the COC and VPA.

    – The expenses of the guests approved by the VPA as speakers or participants from abroad or Turkey will be covered from the budget of the congress.

    5.12. Stands and Sponsorships:

    – Stand and sponsorship prices for the Congress will be determined by VPA and COC.

    – Sponsorship Meetings will be held with the participation of COC and VPA board members at the dates and places determined by the organizing committee,

    – All kinds of sales related to the stand and sponsorship will be made by the COU economic enterprise, and the payments will be made directly to the Congress account.

    – In the years when congresses are held online, the type of sponsorship and how it will be carried out (naming the session, allowing product promotion, etc.) will be decided with the coordination of VPA and COC.


    6.1. Accommodation and Convention Center:

    – The Congress Center will be chosen by COU, COC and VPA with a joint decision.

    – COC will determine hotels in different categories (5,4 and 3 stars) close to the congress center regarding hotel reservations.

    – Hotel accommodation prices will be jointly searched by COC and VPA and prices will be taken in TRY. Accommodation fees will be announced in TRY, based on these prices.

    6.2. Meeting Place, Halls and Technical Equipment:

    – Considering the congress venue and the size of the hall, the necessary arrangements to allow the sessions to be carried out in accordance with the program will be made by the COC.

    – Simultaneous translation from English to Turkish will be made by determining the appropriate system according to the number of international participants and presentations, and the necessary system and translator will be provided. Translation expenses will be covered from the congress budget.

    – At least one person from COC and VPA will always be present in each meeting room.

    – COC will ensure that adequate space, online environment and/or boards are prepared for posters in accordance with the number of posters.

    – An office that can be used as an office by COC and VPA will also be created at the meeting place, and it will be ensured that the room can be used at all times throughout the congress.

    – A presentation control team consisting of at least two people will be available to control the presentations during the congress.

    6.3. Congress Registration Procedures:

    – COC will systematically carry out all registration processes from the first announcement until the last application.

    – Congress registrations will be made directly on the congress website.

    – Registration fee will be announced and collected in TL. Daily follow-up of the records will be made by COC. Dailiy backups of computer records and all applications will be made.

    6.4. Administrative and Technical Responsibilities:

    – COC is responsible from taking every precaution, making backups and sharing this data with the VPA against the risk of loss or deletion of the applications, presentations and all other information and documents recorded on the computer before and during the Congress.

    – COC is responsible from preparing the abstract and proceedings books, obtaining their serial numbers and uploading them as PDF to the congress website after the congress.

    6.5.Social Activities and Tours:

    – The COC will organize the congress program by taking into account the social activities and in consultation with the VPA.

    – In the case there would be an income from social activities during the congress, this income belongs to the congress budget.

    6.6. Online Congress Alternative Articles

    Transactions Regarding the Online Congress Organization

    – The COC will coordinate with the VPA for the selection and creation of an internet platform on which VETPAT will be carried out securely. The agreements and technical specifications to be made with the contractor company will be submitted to the approval of the VPA.

    – The technical specification should provide for the following:

    (i) The necessary infrastructure for the information uploaded by the participants to be reviewed by the Congress Scientific Committee,

    (ii) Collection and tracking of participation fees by using the Payment Module, preparation and operation of secure payment pages required for payment,

    (iii) Infrastructure where sponsor companies using the Exhibition Module can see the exhibition areas, request rentals, and make sponsorship payments,

    (iv) If the congress is held internationally, the system will be in English.

    (v) Participation and registration without limit of persons,

    (vi) Electronic information security.


    7.1. Expenditures:

    – All preliminary expenses to be incurred before the start of congress revenues will be provided by VPA.

    – VPA must have invoices and documents for all expenditures made by the COC, and the association has the right to examine and request these documents.

    – All expenses to be made by the COC in relation to the Congress; It will be effective after the written consent of the VPA Treasurer or the person authorized by the VPA President has been obtained.

    – Expenditures made without written permission and not within the scope of this agreement will not be accepted, and these expenses will not be shown among the congress expenses in any way.

    – If COC has to get service from another company for this organization, it will receive offers from at least three companies and submit it to COU and VPA for approval.

    7.2. Congress Revenues:

    – An account will be opened in the name of Congress for the Congress revenues.

    – Income from congress registration fees, accommodation, sponsorship, stands and social tours will be deposited directly into the congress account.

    7.3. Tracking Income and Expenses:

    – After the acceptance of the contract by the parties, the statements of the accounts opened for the congress and all income and expense documents will be evaluated together by the COC Chair, VPA Chair and VPA Treasurer and approved documents will be considered valid. This will be done in 1-2 days before the monthly VPA Board meetings, and once in every two weeks after the congress fees start to be deposited.

    – After the companies approve their sponsorship in writing, all payments will be made to the congress account.

    – Expenditures that are not approved and are not included in the monthly expense reports will not be included in the congress expenses.

    7.4. Additional Items:

    1. At the end of the congress, excess bags, congress books, brochures or similar materials and documents will be delivered to VPA.
    2. The COC will prepare the congress final accounts and submit them to the VPA within one month after the end of the Congress, and transfer the revenue to the account to be created for the next congress.

    In case of disputes that may arise between the parties within the framework of the articles specified in this agreement, the parties accept in advance that the Ankara Courts are authorized.

    This contract consists of seven main articles and their sub-articles. This contract was signed on…………………by the persons authorized on behalf of VPA and COU in two copies on …….. pages.

On behalf of the Veterinary Pathology Association

On behalf of the University to Organize the Congress