Case of the month: May 2022

Animal ID: Young, male, harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena). Organ: Formalin-fixed lung specimens obtained from a harbour porpoise whose systemic necropsy could not be performed in the field. Clinical findings: The harbour porpoise was found during the fieldwork in which the stranded cetaceans were observed. Decomposition […]

Case of the month: April 2022

Animal ID: 2 months old, female, Merino lamb. Organ: Liver and brain samples fixed in formalin collected during the the necropsy. Clinical findings: In the clinical examination, it was observed that the animal tilted its head to the side while standing, turned to the direction […]

Case of the month: March 2022

Makroskopi Makroskopi Sitoloji Histopatoloji Histopatoloji Histopatoloji Animal ID: 8 years old, male, Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog. Organ: Formalin-fixed spleen specimens following total splenectomy. Clinical findings: In the routine examination, abdominal swelling was noticed by the referring veterinarian and an enlargement of the spleen was determined […]